Typogaráž vol 4. / Lecture and installation by Atelier Brenda: on collaboration

21. októbra 2023


Who is Brenda? For us, the generation raised in the nineties, the firsthand answer is the cheeky female half of probably the most famous pop culture twins in the history of TV. But not this BRENDA. Consisting of two female graphic designers Nana Esi and Sophie Keij, this BRENDA is a graphic studio and atelier based in Belgium and focused on the interactions, intersections, and penetrations between things and phenomena verifiable by the senses and subconscious. Their work is infused and tinted by zeitgeist, nostalgia, role play, method acting & tradition, and their general themes list consists of topics like spatial design, playful typography, dreams, spirituality, experience, and many more.

(The lecture will be in English.)


Žellova 11 821 08 Bratislava

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