Typogaráž / LECTURE & INSTALLATION by Astrid Seme: Figures for Dashing

23. apríla 2022

23rd APRIL 2022, 18:00

Dash. You know it. Every graphic designer has a quarrel with it. But what is it, exactly? And what else can it be? What can it represent? How does one use it properly? And is it necessary to use it only properly? Could it be perceived as an autonomous, independent figure?

Astrid Seme—graphic designer, art director, and author, active in a multitude of graphic design-oriented fields, genres, and practices, born in Graz, alumnus of University of Applied Arts Vienna and Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL), currently based in Vienna with her eponymous studio—examines the phenomenon of DASH in its full and complex depth (and width) in her experimental installation combining bold brushes of broad variations of dashes and sound recordings, both blending into a unique audio-visual exhibition of sound and space design.

From contemplative to mind-bending, philosophical to poetic—Seme’s insights into the dash is surprisingly versatile yet intimate. Neo-Malevichian black lines and inviting spoken word in juxtaposition form a minimalistic but intellectually and aesthetically challenging journey to the infinite land of typography’s enfant terrible of signs and figures.

Besides this dashing installation, Astrid will talk about her studio, works, practice, and experiences as a prolific graphic designer and artist.

(The lecture will be in English.)


Beware, this is not Philip Glass! Emerging from the Slovak graphic design scene, Joe Glass with his friend-in-sound Eazy Fee will play their techno-appropriation and dirty-electronica funtasies in their debut live performance and fear and floating improvisation. Be prepared for some graphic sounds and dirty noise. Their music is like their monikers: glass is tender material, but broken into shards it can cut you deep. It can be easy for your ears, but it can be strict and severe like a fee you need to pay in order to live. Dusty post-techno that needs to be handled with care.


Žellova 11 821 08 Bratislava

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