8. March 2022 – 31. March 2022

Eight textile artists, who are also teachers of the Department of Textile Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, present their latest freelance work. The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet the creative personalities who create the focus of the three studios of the department – the Studio of Fashion Design, the Studio of Textile Creation in Space and the Studio of Textile Design.

An independent textile department, focusing on the artistic textile and textile industries, was established at the AFAD as early as 1976, but the development of this area of education at the AFAD did not occur until the post-revolutionary 1990s. The three studios, which were gradually established, reflect the dynamics of the development of our society and its cultural needs. The studio of textile creation in space is focused on free creation in the medium of textiles as an independent artistic discipline. Textile and fashion design studios are more closely linked to lifestyle and industry needs. All studios, actively responding to new stimuli of science and technology, are open to experimentation and crossing disciplines.

The exhibition collection consists of more than 50 works – tapestries, curtains, clothing and clothing accessories, textile objects, assemblages and textile design. The works represent a wide range of personal concepts of creation using classical techniques and modern technologies and experimentation with materials and procedures.