Slovak Design Award 2023

The Slovak Design Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic announce the 20th year of the Slovak Design Award, this year recognizing best product design and simultaneously celebrating its 30th anniversary.

When and how can I apply? 

Registration is open from 31 March to 15 May 2023 via registration form. It is possible to submit several works (individually). After submitting the application form, a one-time competition fee of EUR 50 must be paid. Student works are exempt from application fees. You will receive payment instructions via e-mail.

What types works can be submitted to the competition?

You can enter product design works in various shapes and forms (materialised, digital, multimedia, conceptual, research, and other design projects) created within the period from 1 January 2021 to 15 May 2023.

What are the competition categories?

This year presents a selection of eight competition categories, which suggest that true quality of design manifests in its positive impact on various areas of human live, the whole of society, and the environment. These reflect human individuality and identity (Fashion & Fashion Accessories), leisure activities (Sport & Leisure), improve the quality of life within the space “inhabited” by man (Home & Public Space), build an inspirational work environment and safe transportation from point A to point B (Work & Mobility), explore the relationship between man, society and the environment (Society & Environment), respect traditions and display courage to push the boundaries of the discipline (Art & Design & Craft), peek over the horizons of a common way of thinking (New Horizons), and open up to a new generation of professional designers (Student Design). For more information about individual categories go to the Terms & Conditions of the Competition.

What is new this year?

NCD23 will celebrate its 30th anniversary, which is reflected in the new winning graphic visual. The idea and concept “Happy 30th birthday, dear beloved Slovak Design Award!” was created by a trio composed of Aurélia Garová, Tereza Maco and Jozef Sklenka.

“The Slovak Design Award is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its inception. Our design is based on the idea of celebrating design and designers. We envision this year’s awards as a birthday party.

The central element of the identity used in the visual is an industrial connecting material – PUR foam – which serves as a parallel to whipped cream decoration. The similarity and shared character of these materials captured our attention. In the identity, we combine elements of connection, create unexpected spatial objects, and organic surface shapes. The photographic staffage used in the campaign represents us (the designers) as performative well-wishers.

Realisation Team
NCD coordinator: Zuzana Böhmerová
Director of SCD, expert cooperation: Maroš Schmidt
Curator: Michal Staško
Graphic design: Aurélia Garová, Tereza Maco, Jozef Sklenka
Architectural design and exhibition realisation: Peter Liška
Exhibition production and programmes for the public: Gabika Rybáriková
Head of SMD, expert cooperation: Silvia Kružliaková
PR, contact for media: Barbora Káňová
Registration technical support: Barbora Káňová / +421 915 697 581 /

Competition announcers: Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Design Center
SCD’s general advertising partner: J&T BANKA
SCD’s main partner: Antalis
SCD’s main media partner: Designum
NCD’s general media partner: RTVS
NCD’s main partners: Repairably, Slovak Fashion Council
NCD’s product partner: Budiš, Ultra Premium Brands, Ultra Premium Brands, the exclusive distributor of the premium brand Campari in Slovakia
Main exhibition partner: Pradiareň 1900
Partners of accompanying events: Hemisféra ľavá o.z., Cinema Lumière, Slovak National Gallery

NCD’s media partners
Čerstvé ovocie
Denník N
Rádio FM


31/03/2023 - 15/15/2023: Registration of online applications and documentation
05/23/2023 - 06/05/2023: 1st online round of jury evaluation
15/06/2023 - 16/06/2023 and 19/06/2023 - 20/06/2023: Collection of works forwarded to the 2nd round
04/07/2023 - 05/07/2023: 2nd round of jury evaluation, jury meeting / Nominations
26/09/2023, 17:00: Opening of the exhibition NCD23
27/09/2023 - 03/11/2023 : Exhibition NCD23
09/10/2023: Gala evening associated with the announcement of the awardees

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