The newest department of the Slovak Design Center was founded as a result of the Design & Innovation cross-border project supported by the ERDF – the INTERREG SK-AT cooperation programme.

The aim of INOLAB is to create a platform professionalising applied research outputs in the field of design. Research and development activities in Inolab are carried out by specialised teams of experts from the Slovak Design Center, research institutes from the public sector, as well as independent experts from the private sector.

Major INOLAB projects include: LOMA Library of Materials, which collects samples of standard and experimental materials from around the world, the development of a functional Tatra 603X Coupé prototype in collaboration with Ján Cina, the author of the original vehicle’s design from 1963, the morphing software H.U.R.B.A.N. selector that can be used by designers to create new design shapes on the principle of shape hybridisation through blending of digital 3D objects, and the research on the School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava (1928–1939), the first public art school in Slovakia which witnessed the birth of Slovak design as an independent discipline.