Štefan Klein

industrial designer

Štefan Klein (1959) is an industrial designer and a constructer. He has designed more than 20 vehicles for various Slovak as well as international manufacturers – motorcycles, buses, diggers, locomotives and others. He received the attention of the world public with his “flying car“ project when he introduced it at a prestigious SAE Aerotech Expo in Montreal and at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna (2014). He created the first version of the aeromobile as a part of his thesis 25 years ago. The serial 03 version is currently being prepared for series production. Š. Klein is a head of the transport design department at the Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava. He cooperates with leading automobile brands such as Audi, VW, BMW, Ford, Renault and Škoda. His students hold important positions in European motor manufacturers. In 2015 he was awarded the Honors of Ľudovít Štúr by the Slovak President and in 2016 he received the Award of the Ministry of culture.