About the e-designum platform

Since discussions about design as a very vital field have long since moved to the Internet, the e-designum platform has been part of the website of the Slovak Design Center since 2017. In addition to the above-mentioned fact, we were led to its establishment by the realization that the interest in publishing posts about design and, on the other hand, in their content is still growing, and the quarterly periodicity and scope of our magazine Designum cannot cover them.

e-designum has gradually become a place that allows us to use its many advantages: to respond flexibly to current events both in the Slovak Design Center and outside our organization, not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. The platform knows no limitations in the scope of published text and visual material, it democratically provides opportunities even for young, beginning authors and offers space for a wide variety of topics.

Ľubica Pavlovičová, lubica.pavlovicova@scd.sk
Barbora Krejčová, barbora.krejcova@scd.sk

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