8. March 2022 – 31. March 2022


Game Jam for Ukraine

online / on-site (HubHub, Mlynské nivy)
4. 3. 2022 – 6. 3. 2022

Internationales SYMPOSIUM Josef Hoffmann

MAK - Museum für angewandte Kunst
17. 3. 2022 – 18. 3. 2022

Dielo dizajnu

Tibor Uhrín – Ostalgia candlesticks, 2015

These products are completely recycled objects made from the birch plywood of discarded furniture pieces and junkyard umakart. Umakart (artificial cardboard) is a retro material from the 1960s applied as a finishing touch to almost every home in socialist housing estates.

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Michal Hanula

Michal Hanula (1980) studied wood toy design at secondary school and graduated from the Design Department of the Technical University in Košice. He continues with woodwork into his professional career. He is currently teaching at the School of Applied Arts in Ružomberok. His creation include unique vessels, bowls, light fixtures and objects where he combines contemporary design with excellent craft. He has participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. He often leads workshops.

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