10. November 2021 – 4. February 2022

Object / Picture / Sculpture/ Jewelry

“I create all my work with my hands. I take stones, leaves, crystals in my hands, and I am amazed by their perfection, structure and color; I transform my feelings into works. My hands allow me to work with different techniques and materials, to transform inspiration into different positions; they allow me to feel each material differently with my touch.” Zuzana Graus Rudavská

Zuzana Graus Rudavska presents in Gallery Z a cross-section of her previous as well as newer work incorporating light sources. In the chamber area, she presents the basic positions and range of her creative interests. Here you will find small jewelry, but also objects, paintings, reliefs, drawings, and larger sculptures made of soft, flexible and less flexible but also strong materials, woven from natural fibers, wire, and handmade paper. The work steps from the surface into space, from a miniature to a more monumental concept; the jewel turns into an object, the drawing grows into a painting and in reverse.

Galéria Zichy

Ventúrska 9, 811 01 Bratislava

Opening hours

utorok - piatok 13:00 - 18:00

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